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My first month in new working environment has passed on the 22 Jan 2015. Soon after that I was amazed by a word given by one amongst my director in Swiss warmed me with his word to reconnect myself. Not like before too much on works.

Hi everyone,

We are getting close to the end of the year so time to slow down and reconnect again

We had our first version of Reconnecting Day last year when we all took time to reconnect with nature and each other, reflect on the past year and look at the year ahead of us. We encourage teams to organise  a reconnecting day again this year but this time with an added focus on what we call “earthworm times”. Some of you will have heard about this already, but otherwise here is the description of the earthworm times in the updated Transformation tool (we will share the full document with everyone shortly):

"When we started the Transformation Tools process at the last leadership forum in April, a key underpinning challenge was to give space for more Great Mother energy in our work. We coined this “radical self-care”. Yet we should recognise that 4 months into this change process, this issue has not fundamentally improved if not gotten worse. More clients come to us for help and whole industries look to us to bring transformation. We struggle to keep up with the demand and recruiting new staff fast enough.

Other than accelerating our recruitment effort, much will depend on inner discipline and so using our Good King energy. The world around us is not going to stop, especially as we continue to spread our model and impact. We are the only ones, individually and as a team who can decide to preserve ourselves, regularly change gears, listen to one another, replenish our batteries and hopefully make better choices.

 We have decided to use the term “earthworm time” to refer to those daily, weekly or monthly rituals when we choose to slow down and reconnect with ourselves and each other. They are the Great Mother, gardening times, as the earthworm works and airs the soil. They are spaces between reflection and action when we can make sense of what is going on and refill our tanks. These earthworm times should be very simple: starting with checking-in with one another to talk about “how we are doing”, as people, as well as encouraging each staff to identify activities which help them to step back from the work, rejuvenate and reflect, and then recognising the importance of giving them the space to carry this out.”

Earthworm activities can be as diverse as walking the dog (if your name is Scott…), meditation, reading, team outings, creative team sessions, etc… What is important is that they are good for you and your team soul and that they are part of your schedule. Reconnecting day is in itself an Earthworm time. But what can you and your team do to embed those gardening moments in your work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Both individually and as a group. It would be great that during this reconnecting day you get the opportunity to share your ideas and talk about how you are going to support each other to make those happen. And do share those ideas on Yammer to inspire others!

Finally remember to leave time during this reconnecting day just to have fun and enjoy nature :) Get out of the office, find nature and inspiration… wherever it might be for you!

It is quite in the year already but it can also be something you plan for early next year as a good way to start and bound your team together. We leave it up to you to decide if and when you will organise your reconnecting day (it can also be half day) and do contact me if you need any clarification or support.

Have a great reconnection everyone and do share pictures and learnings!

Best wishes


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