Green Technology Approaches for Management of Ganoderma Diseases in Oil Palm.


ViGGor EB1 is a liquid formulation contains specific beneficial non-pathogenic and endophytic bacteria, Pseudomonas ganoEB1 strain. The bio-technology formulations  was developed through MPOB TT No. 443, June 2010 and the research was led by Dr Idris Abu Seman, Head of Ganoderma and Disease Research for Oil Palm or known as GanoDROP, MPOB aiming on Increasing Plant Health and Growth while managing Ganoderma infections.   GanoDROP won the 3rd prize of the National Intellectual Property Award 2014 for the Patent Category for its environmentally-friendly inventions of Compositions for Controlling Ganoderma Disease in Plants and recently given an appreciation by winning MPOB Gold Medal Award 2017. 

The effectiveness of P. ganoEB1 in suppressing BSR development in oil palm seedlings shows a significant difference in % Disease Incidents (%DI), Severity Foliar Symptom (%SFS) and Dead Seedlings (%DS). The reduction of %DI, %SFS and %DS is respectively was noted as 68%, 24% and 74%

ViGGoR-EB1 contains of:

Pseudomonas ganoEB1 with 1 x 109 CFU per ml.

Packaging: 1.0 Liter, 
4.0 Liter and
20.0 Liter.

Mode of Action 

P. ganoEB1 will colonize the roots of plant and produce enzyme and this is endophytic bacteria meaning this bacteria can penetrate and live in the plant.  This unique behavior give long and good duration of disease management and at the same time increase immunity of the plant from others incoming diseases.

P. ganoEB1 will antagonize direct with the pathogen and destroy the pathogen.  This method also apply to fungus and also attack and destroy fungus system and also spore.

P. ganoEB1 will not kill pathogen but the unique system which the antibiotic produce and the enzyme will strengthen the plant and this make the pathogen difficult to develop in the plants.

Thus, P. ganoEB1 will provide

  1. Typically give a positive result to the oxidase and catalase tests
  2. The genus demonstrates a great deal of metabolic diversity and consequently are able to colonies a wide range of niches.
  3. The bacteria induce systemic resistance in the host plant, so it can be better resist attack by a pathogen, or bacteria might out compete other pathogenic soil microbes, by siderophores giving a competitive advantage at scavenging for iron or the bacteria might produce compounds antagonistic to other soil microbes, such as phenazine-type antibiotics or hydrogen cyanide. 
  4. Growth hormone for better plant growth
  5. Enzyme for fighting diseases and as antibiotic
  6. Produce enzyme too boost plant immunity versus disease
  7. Able to fight disease based on Bacteria, Virus and Fungus.
  8. Will act as a plant booster to enhance plant growth.
  9. Able to increase soils health for the all crops.
  10. Increase plant immunity to diseases and extreme environment
  11. Increase crop yield and quality. 
  12. Cost effective and long duration of effectiveness.
  13. Safe to users and environment.


a. Preventive Treatment.

Highly recommended for historically ganoderma area whereby, early treatment are crucial for better protection.

b. Infected Palm.

ViGGoR-EB1 will prolong the life of infected palm  and salvage more yield.  It is compulsory to conduct treatments on surrounding palm to avoid new infection and manage ganoderma disease before spreading.

This unique behavior give long and good duration of disease control and at the same time increase immunity of the plant from others incoming diseases such as ganoderma in oil palm plant and promote plant growth.

Advantages of ViGGoR-EB1 Oil Palm Industries.

P. ganoEB1 will interact with plant host and will symbiosis with the plant for better growth and healthy indirectly provide insurance to the planters;

a. Suitable for IPM for the management of Ganoderma infection.

ViGGoR-EB1 is suitable for IPM ganoderma management in oil palm plantation and study has been conducted more than 10 years by reputable bodies.  ViGGoR EB1 can be used at any stages of oil palm growth and for better control, ViGGoR EB1 need to be used at early as possible.

b. Promote Plant Growth.

ViGGoR-EB1 contains endophytic bacteria which show good result on plant growth, which microbe will communicate with plant for better plant growth and resistant to diseases.

c. Cost effective and long duration of effectiveness.

One of the most cost effective way to combat or prevent ganoderma attack in oil palm plantation compare to others microbes based products and also conventional practices.

d. Long Duration of Control.

P.ganoEB1 is host specific (Oil Palm), after it’s inoculate into oil palm roots the P.ganoEB1 will remain in the oil palm three.  This will give long duration of protection from ganoderma diseases.  

e. Safe to users, Soil Health and environment.

This product was tested and it’s safe to the users, environment and increase soils health. Hence will promote better oil palm growth.

f. Simple application methods.

ViGGoR EB1 does not need special equipment to apply compared to other products which need to do pocket methodology.  This will safe on cost and speed up the application progress.

g. Protection is BETTER than Cure.

ViGGoR EB1 act as insurance to the planters for their valuable investment by providing protection on the investment.  This small investment will give long term protection against ganoderma infection and at the same time promoting plant growth hence produce better yield.

Dosages and Recommendation.

For a better result of ViGGoR-EB1 application the treatment must be conducted at three years consecutive rounds.  

Mix ViGGoR-EB1 with water at a ratio of 1:100
Apply ViGGoR-EB1 solutions in according to dosages 


a. Prevention.
Nursery Stages and Field Planting.

Treat all palm seedling at nursery stages as early as possible and ensure the best oil palm seedling will be planted in the field. 

b. For Infected Palm.
Planted and Matured Oil Palm.

ViGGoR EB1 will protect the healthy roots and this will prolong the life of the infected palm.  It is compulsory to treat the surrounding palm with ViGGoR-EB1 for protection against ganoderma diseases.

Application Methods.

ViGGoR-EB1 application is simple that do not use extra and expensive method and equipment.  ViGGoR-EB1 applications are by soil drenching or spraying at palm based depending on the palm age at the given dosages.


This is a unique products designed aiming for Ganoderma management and has gone through years of research by MPOB.  To maintain the efficacy and quality, MPOB has taken proactive measure such as maintaining the ViGGoR-EB1 culture at the best place.  ViGGoR-EB1 is the affordable and reliable product to combat ganoderma disease while benefited at all stake in the oil palm industries.



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