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GAR / SMART Suspension


TFT/PT SMART membership suspended

TFT has been working with Golden Agri Resources (PT SMART Division) since 2011, when pioneering work was started on the High Carbon Stock approach to forest conservation. However general progress has slowed recently and TFT is aware of several breaches of PT SMART’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) and Social and Community Engagement Policy (SCEP). As a result, we have suspended their membership with immediate effect.

TFT advise PT SMART that it needs to re-affirm its commitment to its current FCP and SCEP- review these to widen the scope and goals- and focus on credible and robust implementation.

TFT will work with PT SMART management on a time bound action plan addressing the key issues we identified, and will provide regular updates on progress.

Criteria for Lifting Suspension

1.    What company is actually suspended:

TFT have suspended the Upstream (US) (PT SMART) business which is GAR's plantation company- the Downstream (DS) business which is their trading arm is currently still working with us as members. This is because the DS work plan only started in Feb 15 and is proceeding well. Should US not respond however within 3-6 months we will be obliged to terminate the membership of both US and DS, as US is a 42% part of DS trade.

2.    Is it all bad news at PT SMART

When PT SMART joined TFT in 2011 they were the first plantation company to do so and led the
trial work on HCS. However apart from the HCS trial, progress on their overall FCP has been too slow although some progress has indeed been made.

3.    How long does suspension apply;

If satisfactory progress isn't being made at any point TFT will move to a full termination of GAR US and DS membership. Maximum we expect to see enough progress within 6 months.

4.    How frequently will you be reporting updates and in what form, where, who;

TFT will report monthly as a minimum and the update will be posted on the GAR dashboard.

5.    What action will TFT take if progress is not made being made in a reasonable timeframe;

At any point, if TFT feel insufficient progress is being made the suspension will become a termination. We expect all conditions for re engagement to have been met in a maximum period of 6 months.

6.    Will the lifting of the suspension be linked to a resolution of the RSPO grievance;

No, RSPO will make their own decision based on their own standards.

7.    Have we stopped all work with GAR (PT SMART)

All work has stopped on the general workplan whilst we work with PT SMART senior team on the criteria for re engagement.


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