Peer Learning Programme on Best Management Practices on Peatland For Community

Mr Chairman

Distinguish Guest of Honor
1. Ir Arief Yuwono, Deputy Minister for Environment, Degradation Control and Climate Change
2. Bapak Ikhsan, Kepala Bahagian Lingkungan Hidup (BELHA) Provinsi Kalimantan Selatan

The Distinguish Participant from ASEAN, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos

Please allow me in this introduction remark for peer learning on best management practices on peatland for community to express to you in my name and on behalf of Mr Faizal Parish, The Director of GEC and on behalf of Regional Project Executing Agency (RPEA) of the Asean Peatland Forest Project (APFP).

On this occation, I would like to extent my sincere thanks to the Indonesian Component led by Ibu Lailan Syaufina (National Expert) and Ibu Wahyu Utami and the rest of the team for today's events in this outstanding Mercure Hotel.

Let us joint today's event by saying today's word "Let Good Things Happens"

The Peer Learning programme is to showcase best management practices in Indonesia to the identified community groups who are living or are dependent on peatlands for their livelyhoods from the four participating countries of the project, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines and Vietnam. This programme will also provide a platform for experience sharing of Best Management Practices (BMP's) among the participants and to promote replication of BMP's in their respective region. It is also to enable domonstration sites for information exchange among peatland managers in the region.

We hope that the peer learning will be very useful especially in the educating the representative of the local community who attended the program. The public awareness and on conserving and protecting the peatland will increased.

For that I wish you all a happy learning in peer learning programme.

Thank you

Coordinator, Forest and Peatland
Regional Project Coordinator, APFP-SEApeat

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