Letter to Dear Abby

Little did I remember that I wrote a letter to my friend Abby who was my pen pal back in 90s. I was in school at that time mingle with books, laboratory, field exercise, and of course my younger years. Facebook (FB) was not around until 2007 or 2008. I still remember myspace is very popular but due to not so friendly as FB, many people are not keen of using it. Thus old and traditional ways are still be used by writing a letter. It was a transitional time anyway.

Dear Abby,

I greatly appreciate on your last letter to me citing those reminiscences, which brought back many of my memories and indeed learned some new things too.  I wish to write first on something that I wasn’t much touched earlier on my favorite pastimes that I thought it wouldn’t be repeated again.  Many of which happened during my college years though some can be considered as bad times, generally I hope it could be happened again. 

I wish to remember my best friend, Saif whom study at the same college and took the same course. We spent much of the time together and believed it or not we are a room mate.  He gave generously of his time as a member of editor for school’s magazine known as “LESTARI” meaning “sustainable” in English.  His marvelous writing skills were surely a value there, nonetheless the great deal of work she made on various point of views and arguments made on certain student affairs issues. 

Actually, I believe writing was the first truly verifiable and effective form of magic. Think of how it must have impressed people in ancient times! To look at marks, pressed into fired clay, and know that they convey the words of scribes and kings long dead -- it must have seemed fantastic. Knowledge, wisdom and art could finally accumulate, and death was cheated one part of its sting.

Still, let me admit and avow that writing was not my own first choice of a career. True, I came from a family of writers. It was in my blood. But I wanted something else -- to be a scientist. And by the fates, I became one.

We in fact share the same hobby else than writing such as singing as well as playing a guitar.  Once we were in a musical instrument shop at Jalan Ampang and without hesitate bought a brand new semi acoustic guitar, our dream guitar “ovation applause” without knowing the fact that we are already broke at that time. 

However, we manage to cover up the money that we spent on that guitar by winning a singing competition at the same month which carries a lump sum of RM2000.00 as a winning prize. 

Cooking? Well when comes to that part, I would rather enjoying than preparing the food.  I am not very sure why? But perhaps the hassle that usually happen after the food is ready.  Well, please don’t be afraid of starving if you are coming to my place next week because I got my special restaurant nearby my place where I regularly come to enjoy local delicacy. 

Thank you,

Yours Regards

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